Activities and places of interest

Place of interestAbies Nebrodensis
In the heart of the Madonie Park is preserved a treasure, Abies Nebrodensis.
"The species differs from the silver fir in the smaller size of the adult plants…
Abisso del vento
The Abisso del Vento, the most significant cavity in the Pizzo Carbonara massif, is the most extensive cave in the Madonie; it is located in the Isnello terri…
ActivitiesGAL Hassin astronomical park
Here a sky of spectacular beauty is associated with negligible light pollution, a high number of clear nights and a geographic position southern enough to all…
ActivitiesGole di Tiberio
About 1 hour from Isnello it is possible to visit the Gorges of Tiberius. These are located in the border territory between the municipalities of San Mauro Ca…
Piano Battaglia
Just over 20 kilometers from Isnello is the plateau of Piano Battaglia, 1526 meters above sea level and nestled between two wonderful peaks, Pizzo Carbonara (…
Pizzo Carbonara
Sentiero Isnello - Gratteri
Isnello to Gratteri
Departure altitude 550 m, maximum altitude mt. 1188, arrival altitude mt. 657. Length km 6 walking time 3 h.
The itinerary allows the c…
Sentiero Natura 1 Agrifogli giganti (Piano Pomo)
In the Castelbuono area, a path connects the Crispi refuge of Piano Sempria with Piano Pomo. The trail passes through a dense forest of holm oaks and downy oa…