Sorelle Lo Re - Madonie farm

The società agricola Sorelle Lo Re was born from the idea of a family that, through the stories of the elders, received as a legacy the passion and love for the land and nature.

We are a small family business, which is striving to recover the original values that working the land can give and to enhance the genuine traditional products that our territory can give us.

The Sorelle Lo Re agricultural society operates within the Madonie Regional Natural Park, and some of the areas of the company's land are in the B zone of the park.          

One of our main goals has been to enhance and recover agricultural areas that had been abandoned over time and use them both as areas for cultivation and as areas  to be put to work for the development of an alternative and sustainable tourism offer, where the goal is to make nature and the environment the protagonists who place themselves at the service of man.

Our goal is to create an economic reality with the return in part towards the past, but using the techniques of the present for a projection towards the near future. In this reality we will strive to make people appreciate naturalness, with a vision of the balanced use of the environment and the land that hosts us through sustainable rural development.



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