Organic Wildflower Honey of the highest quality produced in the Madonie Park in Sicily where thanks to the great biodiversity of the territory due to the presence of a vast variety of small wildflowers and wild orchids, it grants this honey peculiar characteristics so much to win awards in the competition every year international BiolMiel


Taste and Aroma
The millefiori with a very pleasant and delicate flavor, is produced during the long Sicilian seasons ranging from spring to mid-autumn.
A light-colored honey with golden nuances with a light flavor is born.

Properties It can be
perfectly combined as a sweetener (it can replace sugar on all occasions).
Like every wildflower it has its own characteristics that are repeated from year to year with more or less important variations that do not hide the basis of a typical Madonite flavor because they are characterized by a botanical presence of great biodiversity


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