Manna is the product obtained from the solidification of the sap that comes out through incision of the bark of ash trees.

Packaging : 30g

Average nutritional values : 1567Kj / 369Kcal, 0,20g proteins, 92g carbohydrates, 0g fats, 0g fiber, 0g salt

Place of origin : Bergi-c / da Bergi-Castelbuono (Pa) – Sicily

Manna is known above all for its mildly laxative effect, due only in part to the osmotic effect of mannitol which is not reabsorbed and by osmosis decreases the reabsorption of water, which increases fecal volume and stimulates peristalsis. Despite the minimal presence, even the resin seems to play an important role in the laxative effect. 

However, manna is not only a laxative, but has various therapeutic values: 

– laxative-osmotic action: suitable for everyone, but especially indicated in children and pregnant women, excellent results even in children of 6-8 months. In these cases, however, it is good to refer to the pediatrician and not to self-medicate. – purifying and refreshing action: to be used at the change of season, as it was once done. Manna is particularly suitable for spring cures of about 10-15 days. Indicated in those people, especially children, who during the winter have had repeated episodes of colds and gastrointestinal affections and who have had to resort to several drugs, especially antibiotics.

– intestinal purifying and refreshing action: useful in children who have redness in the orifices (eyes, mouth, anus, etc.), a sign of excess intestinal “heat”, due to indigestion / food poisoning or infections. – expectorant, fludifying and sedative action of cough: respiratory diseases are often associated with or even have an intestinal origin in children. In these cases, therefore, the manna acts on two fronts, considering the purifying and refreshing effect on the intestine and that on the phlegm. It can also be taken advantageously during acute and febrile episodes. 

– hepatic purifying, intestinal refreshing and diuretic action: very useful in various conditions of metabolic overload, in overweight and in the case of skin diseases.

– sweetening action, but without interfering with blood sugar: useful in the case of diabetes, but also in the case of slimming diets.


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